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Quick Fire Safety Tip - Using a Fire Extinguisher
No one has more invested in a small business than its owner, which is the primary reason why business owners are generally quick to take advantage of the clear-cut guidelines provided them by their local council fire code. Fortunately, fire compliance is easy when the rules are grounded in common sense, and there are qualified fire system services companies available to provide assistance when needed. Fire protection means more than fire safety and fire extinguishers. It means the preservation of a business owner’s primary asset, the business that provides him and his family with income. The chances are that a fire that occurs anywhere other than a place where it was deliberately set, such as a fireplace, constitutes an emergency. Any emergency situation requires clear thought and quick, purposeful action. Fire Extinguishers are a home and business protection device that are designed to be used in a fire emergency. As is the case with any emergency action, like the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR, sufficient practice using Fire Extinguishers when no emergency threatens is often the key to a person’s ability to act swiftly and accurately when a true emergency arises. Take the time to become familiar with the P.A.S.S. system and how to apply it to the Fire Extinguishers near you. What is the PASS system? PASS is a helpful acronym to remember when a fire breaks out and you’re fortunate enough to have a fire extinguisher at hand. The P stands for PULL the fire extinguisher’s pin. A means AIM at the fire’s base. S represents SQUEEZE the extinguisher’s trigger. The final S is a reminder to SWEEP the fire extinguisher in a decisive, back and forth motion to completely extinguish the fire. Fire extinguishers are not meant to be used with fires that have already escalated out of control. By definition, this means one that has reached the ceiling, engulfed a room, or that otherwise endangers your safety. It is worth remembering that the preservation of human life is the prime consideration in any fire. No matter how precious the things the fire threatens might be, they are not as important as your life. If the fire is producing copious smoke, is moving in the direction of explosive hazards, or threatens to block the only exit, your best strategy is to exit calmly and quickly and let the fire department fight the fire. The best way to truly fight fire by eliminating fire risk. Eliminate areas of flammable litter and debris, station working fire extinguishers of the appropriate type at even intervals, and maintain clear pathways to exits. Be aware that even after small fires have been extinguished, they still might reignite. If you want to know more about Fire Safety Training and Fire Safety Equipment, Contact Us Today. *Disclaimer: This article is a guide only. Specific Fire Safety Techniques may vary depending on your equipment and circumstances. Contact us today for Professional Advice.

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FCF National Fire & Electrical Services Electrical & Fire Safety Services

Fire Extinguishers

We Supply, Service and Install Fire Extinguishers throughout the Melbourne East Area. Our Fire Extinguishers start from just $99 Installed. Amazing Value.

Fire Hydrants

We test to ensure Fire Hydrants are fully operational and ready for use in the case of a Fire Emergency in your business or organisation

Fire Compliance

Commercial Fire Compliance for Businesses, Shops, Shopping Centres, Factories, Offices. Whatever your Commercial Fire Compliance needs, We Can Help – for less than the rest.

Emergency Exit Light Testing

We Supply, Install and Service Emergency Exit lights for your organisation to ensure a safe and legal workplace for your employees and customers

Electrical Tag & Test

We provide Electrical Test and Tag Services for your Organisation so you comply with the legal and Safety requirements. We ensure your workplace is Electrical Fire safe.

Smoke Detectors Melbourne

Smoke Detectors have saved many lives and are vital to fire safety. We Supply, Install and Service Smoke Detectors for Melbourne homes and Businesses.

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